21st Specialized Exhibition of
Building Materials

OSM 2020

January 28-31, 2020 MOSCOW | CEC “Expocentre”

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Terbunskiy Gonchar, OOO

Krivosheev Vyacheslav
OOO "Terbunskiy Gonchar"
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booth Terbunskiy Gonchar, OOO B1301
Pavilion 7

THE LARGEST IN CHERNOZEM PLANT PROIZVODSTVU HIGH-QUALITY FACING BRICK.THE PLANT WAS STARTED IN 2006. THE COMPANY IS EQUIPPED WITH AUTOMATED EQUIPMENT OF GERMAN COMPANY "KELLER HCW GMBH". THE PLANT CAPACITY IS 40 000 000 BRICKS PER YEAR. THE BASIS OF THE RAW MATERIAL BASE OF THE PLANT ARE CLAY MIKHAILOVSKY DEPOSIT, WHOSE RESERVES ARE MEASURED IN TENS OF YEARS OF OPERATION OF THE PLANT.National construction projects, the implementation of which is the need for quality building materials became the impetus for the creation of enterprises of the new standard. Facing brick, ceramic brick, face brick – all these materials are indispensable in the construction, so the decision was made on setting up its own production in the region.July 23, 2005 in the village of Terbuny, terbunskiy district, Lipetsk region was laid the first stone of the future plant of "terbunskiy Gonchar", which is planned to produce ceramic brick, facing of up to 40 million pieces a year."OOO "terbunskiy Gonchar" became a pioneer in Terbunskiy special economic zone of regional level, the plant was commissioned on 4 October 2006. Ceramic bricks manufactured here are in demand in the region and not only possessing an excellent combination of price and quality.Manufacture of ceramic brick is modern technology in action. Facing ceramic brick is used not only in low-rise buildings, but also in other segments of the buildings that were erected in the third Millennium. Manufactured brick color "Gold" is a kind of classic modern architecture.The equipment of German company "KELLER HCW GmbH" is one of the most modern in the market of ceramic industry. Traditional quality from Germany combined with its own base of raw materials supplied with the Mikhailovsky Deposit, reserves of which are tens of years of stable operation of the plant, sufficient to produce high-quality facing brick (M-200, F-100) and other types of ceramic products.Yellow and brown ceramic brick facing today is the most popular building material, which is quality checked by years.


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