21st Specialized Exhibition of
Building Materials

OSM 2020

January 28-31, 2020 MOSCOW | CEC “Expocentre”

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Construction Materials Factory GREEN PLANET -
GREEN PLANET is my choice - I build for myself!

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The company is a part of GC "All World" - non-woven materials Market Leader for 17 years in a row. Producing high quality goods using advanced technologies, to meet the daily needs of a modern person has been the mission of the company where over 300 professionals work providing the highest standards and serious production volumes.
The company carries out a beginning-to-end production cycle: within the framework of its own advanced research and development base, innovative materials are developed. Based in Moscow Region, modern imported production lines owned by the company and operated with energy-saving technologies, provide the output of high-quality products in demand. The company's divisions, aimed at promoting new products, sales, customer service, take care that the necessary and useful materials for the buyers are easy to purchase and smart to use!
The construction materials for a healthy lifestyle that GREN PLANET manufactures are absolutely safe for a person - we care about our clients and the world in which we live. Customers confidently choose GREEN PLANET building insulation - during years of work we have insulated individual houses and villages in the field of low-rise cottage construction in all climatic zones of our vast country, including IV and Special - these are the villages of polar explorers, and oilfield towns, as well as constructions in coastal zones.

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