21st Specialized Exhibition of
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January 28-31, 2020 MOSCOW | CEC “Expocentre”

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At the stage of pre-project work is carried out:

• Detailed analysis of the source data.
• Performance of heat engineering calculation (Calculation of the annual consumption of heat and fuel).
• Drawing up technical specifications for the design of boiler rooms (together with the Customer).
• Performance of fuel and energy resources and feasibility studies.
• Development of an optimal heat supply scheme for consumers.
• Consultation of specialists in the selection of equipment.

The project of the boiler room is developed in sections:

• Explanatory note (PP);
• Architectural and construction solutions (AS);
• Metal constructions, including chimneys, external ducts, service areas (KM);
• Thermomechanical solutions (including chemical water treatment) (TM);
• Domestic gas supply (FGP) including the section of the intra-GRU with pressure regulator;
• Internal fuel lines (TP);
• Heating and ventilation of the boiler room (S);
• Internal water supply and sewage boiler room (VK);
• Automation and instrumentation (AK);
• Power electrical equipment (EM);
• Lighting, grounding, lightning protection (EO);
• Dispatching (D);
• Environmental Protection (EP);
• Energy efficiency.

In addition to the development of the main boiler house project, the company's specialists will carry out projects of auxiliary engineering networks and systems:

• Outdoor gas pipelines
• Outdoor heating networks
• Plumbing and sanitary
• Central heat points (TSC)
• Water treatment plants.

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