21st Specialized Exhibition of
Building Materials

OSM 2020

January 28-31, 2020 MOSCOW | CEC “Expocentre”

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booth "Innovative Materials" Limited Liability Company C702
Pavilion 7

High-tech materials such as:
- ultra-thin thermal insulation coating (dry coating layer equal to 3.5 mm works effectively in the northernmost latitudes of The globe);
- ultra-thin fire-retardant coating (fire-retardant properties when exposed to a single point of open flame before critical temperatures for the materials on which the coating is applied - up to 120 minutes);
- seamless waterproofing (found effective use for waterproofing roofs of any geometric shape and foundations. (Due to the unique adhesion, as well as thermal insulation, it is effectively used for waterproofing of surface-underwater, railway, air transport);
- ultra-thin wear-resistant coating ("extend the life" of the applied surface for at least 5 years in intensive use);
- ultra-thin protective coating against chemical effects of various liquids (water, acids, salts, petroleum products, etc.).

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