20th Specialized Exhibition of
Building Materials

OSM 2019

January 29 - February 1, 2019 MOSCOW | CEC “Expocentre”

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Exhibitors 2019:
Decorative finishing materials

CSK Trading House
TD CSK is engaged in wholesale deliveries of building materials in the CFA. The company is a leading dealer of factories of the company "KRONOSPAN" (Russia, Yegoryevsk

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  • booth CSK Trading House С-703    
LLC "PTS-Service"
LLC "PTS-Service" is a manufacturer of roofing and finishing materials of heavy-duty polymer materials. We produce following types of products: profiles, tile, slate, skate, facade and basement bar under a brick. All products are available in four basic colors - brown, brick, green and blue. Standard size roofing sheet 0.9 m x 2.0 m, wall panel 1.0 x 2.0 m and the ground panel 0.5 x 1.0 m. All of our products are certified, is eco-friendly, elastic, weather resistance vandal resistant and easy to install . Polymeric roofing and finishing materials firmly taken its place in construction and gained a reputation as light, reliable, and inexpensive materials. Due to the significant resistance to chemical agents, often acting in natural conditions (industrial atmospheric emissions, transport, pollution, acid rain, etc.) and fire, they found wide application in industrial and private construction for roofs and walls and foundations.

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  • booth LLC "PTS-Service" С-1703    

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  • booth Pozhzaschita Trading House, OOO С-2001    

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  • booth Stroypolimerkeramika OAO (Vorotynskiy brick) В-101    
Making the corners beautiful and safe.
We produce and sell angular ceramic mosaic for facing external corners of bathrooms, stairs, countertops, hamam, pools. The smoothly curved shape of the mosaic removes the sharpness of the corners of the walls and steps. This is a beautiful and safe alternative to plastic and metal corners. It is possible to choose any colors for ceramic tiles or glass / ceramic mosaic.

1) we provide any colors according the main material of the finish
2) aesthetics and beauty
3) resistance to damage and chips
4) 80% reduction in the risk of stairs, bathrooms, pools, countertops due to smoothing sharp corners
5) the acceleration of the process of finishing the corners of ceramic tiles / mosaics due to the fact that it is not necessary to cut tiles or mosaics at 45 degrees
6) saving of materials of the main finish, as often when sawing tile breaks or cracks

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  • booth Сompany "ANGULAR MOSAIC" C-2002